Spident NOP® Dental Needle (100pcs)

Spident NOP® Dental Needle (100pcs)

Dental Needle
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NOP® (No Pain) Dental Needles reduces pain and tissue trauma which are used to deliver local anesthetic to the operative site in order to make a patient as comfortable as possible.

This needle is used with special stainless steel dental syringe. Virtually painless, atraumatic, and perfectly sharp to give patient maximum comfort. Dental needle production is computer controlled in all processes from manufacture to inspection. The cannula is coated with silicon through a special treatment. Individually packaged, Sterilized. Self tap ribs placed on the outside of the hub, inside screws make for ease of use.

Needle Size/Colour Description :

  • 27G/Long (0.4 x 38mm) - Purple
  • 30G/X-Short (0.3 x 12mm) - Yellow
  • 30G/Short (0.3 x 16mm) - Pink
  • 30G/Short (0.3 x 21mm) - Orange
  • 30G/Short (0.3 x 25mm) - Red
  • 31G/X-Short (0.26 x 12mm) - Green
  • Silicone Coating Substantially reduces pain and tissue trauma.
  • Ultra-sharp, offers smooth entry into tissue, enhancing patient comfort.
  • Tri-bevel point for easy tissue penetration without coring.
  • High Tech steel tube, safe, non-toxic, pyrogenic free.
  • The round cutting edge protecting the gum.
  • Sterilized.
  • Single-use and disposable.
  • Available in different needle sizes (27 Gauge / 30 Gauge / 31 Gauge).

Spident NOP® Dental Needle pack consist of :-

  • 100x NOP® Dental Needles

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