[CLEARANCE SALE] Kulzer Charisma® Flow Syringe - A2 Shade (1.8g)

[CLEARANCE SALE] Kulzer Charisma® Flow Syringe - A2 Shade (1.8g)

Flowable Composite
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Charisma® Flow is the ideal supplement to the line of universal Charisma® composites. Its low viscosity and good thixotropy makes it the ideal choice for many indications, such as cavity lining, fissure sealing and minimal invasive fillings. 

Indications :

  • Fissure sealing.
  • Enlarged fissure sealing.
  • Class V fillings.
  • Minimally invasive Class I and II fillings in areas not subjected to masticatory forces.
  • Minimally invasive Class lll fillings.
  • Versatile all-rounder for many indications.
  • Easy and fast handling due to its low viscosity and good thixotropy.
  • Its radiopacity enables a safe and reliable diagnosis.
  • Pronounced chameleon effect.
  • Shades of Charisma Flow optimally match the Charisma shades.

Kulzer Charisma® Flow pack consist of :-

  • 1x 1.8g Charisma® Flow Syringe (A2)
  • 5x Tips

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