Sanctuary Powder-Free Latex Green Dental Dam 6" x 6" - Mint Scented (36 Sheets)

Sanctuary Powder-Free Latex Green Dental Dam 6" x 6" - Mint Scented (36 Sheets)

Latex Dental Dam
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A protective device used by dentists or other specialists when treatment of patients' teeth may put the rest of their teeth or mouth at risk for infection.

The Significance of Being Powder-free and Low Protein

Plant proteins present in natural rubber may cause irritation and allergy to some people, causing negative and adverse reactions. These reactions and allergies are significantly and drastically reduced by reducing the protein levels and eliminating powder residues of natural rubber products during production, thus making such products safer and more accessible.

Cutting-edge advantage

Sanctuary Dental Dam is specially designed to be resilient with a high tear tolerance to allow for the easy fixing of clamps. It is the world’s first latex dental dam which is powder-free and low protein making it the excellent choice for professional use.

Tear Tolerance

Designed to be especially resilient, Sanctuary Dental Dam guarantees an expansion of 10 times from any original hole punched, making it easy to fix clamps.

Available in Peppermint

We constantly listen to our customers and gradually improve our product to fit the needs of different types. With latex dental dam, we have added a peppermint scent to not only provide your clients with a more relaxed mind but a better after-taste as well.

  • Cutting-edge advantage.
  • Tear tolerance.
  • Powder-free.
  • Single-use only.
  • Available in Thin, Medium and Heavy thickness.
  • Peppermint scent.

Sanctuary Rubber Dam pack consist of :-

  • 36pcs 6" x 6" Latex Dam (Thin/Medium/Heavy)

Thickness :

  • Thin - 0.14mm
  • Medium - 0.18mm
  • Heavy - 0.22mm

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