[PROMO] Shofu CAD/CAM Preparation Kit (11pcs)

[PROMO] Shofu CAD/CAM Preparation Kit (11pcs)

Diamond Bur Kit
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CAD/CAM Preparation Kit :

With the routine prescription of CAD / CAM restorations in the dental practice, the clinician has to rely on rotary

instruments that provide precision and efficiency during tooth preparation to ensure precise scanning and

subsequent milling of the restoration.

CAD / CAM Preparation kit consists of a special assortment of 11 diamond burs for quick, easy and precise

preparation of abutment for CAD / CAM restoration. Unique new shapes provide the desired thickness and rounded

incisal and cuspal angles in the abutment, that are critical for the precision of the CAD / CAM restoration.

Shofu CAD/CAM Preparation Kit consist of :-

  • 1x 102R Diamond Burs
  • 1x 106RD Diamond Burs
  • 1x SF106RD Diamond Burs
  • 1x 107RD Diamond Burs
  • 1x SF107RD Diamond Burs
  • 1x 145 Diamond Burs 
  • 1x SF145 Diamond Burs
  • 1x 265R Diamond Burs
  • 1x SF265R Diamond Burs 
  • 1x SF114 Diamond Burs 
  • 1x SF151 Diamond Burs 

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