[PROMO] Shofu Beautifil Injectable X - 2.2g (20 Packs) + FREE BeautiSealant Set

[PROMO] Shofu Beautifil Injectable X - 2.2g (20 Packs) + FREE BeautiSealant Set

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BEAUTIFIL Injectable is the only universal restorative that comes in an injectable syringe, packed with exceptional strength and sculptable beauty at your fingertips.

Formulated with a higher filler load and a uniquely strengthened resin matrix, Beautifil Injectable exhibits a greater degree of polymerization to achieve remarkable mechanical properties.

The filler-resin structure has been optimized to control light diffusion within to mimic the optical characteristics of natural teeth. Inherent natural aesthetics, fluorescence and opalescence enable the clinician to create indiscernible restorations

Beautifil Injectable X is re-engineered as the next generation of Bioactive Universal Injectable composite, signaling a milestone in direct restorative treatment.

Revolutionize your daily workflow by simplifying the restorative procedure and boost efficiency while saving time as you “Inject & shape”.

Designed for life-like shade match, Beautifil Injectable X is ideal for restoration of all classes of cavities, minimally invasive cosmetic restorations, post-orthodontic corrections, tooth splinting as well as restoration of occlusal tooth wear.

BUY 20 SYRINGE FOR RM1600! (U.P : RM 2,560) + FREE 1x BeautiSealant Set! (Worth RM 318)

  • Predictable Aesthetics with effortless gloss and self-polishing capability.
  • Convenience with the “inject as you shape” consistency.
  • Time saving & ergonomic to enhance efficiency in everyday practice.
  • Invisible restorations that seamlessly blend in with natural tooth margins.
  • Remarkable strength & durability for Anterior & Posterior Restorations.
  • Unique nano S-PRG filler technology imparts bioactive benefits: anti-plaque, anti-caries & acid-neutralising capabilities.
  • Exceptional wear resistance similar to natural enamel.
  • Custom designed, disposable Barrier Sleeves for Beautifil Injectable X provides  additional protection against cross-contamination.
  • Available in different shades (A0.5/A1/A2/A3.5/B1/BW/INC).

Shofu Beautifil Injectable X pack consist of :-

  • 1x 2.2g Shofu Beautifil Injectable X Syringe (A0.5/A1/A2/A3.5/B1/BW/INC)
  • 5x Needle Tips

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