Philips Zoom DayWhite Take-Home Whitening Kit (6% HP + ACP)

Philips Zoom DayWhite Take-Home Whitening Kit (6% HP + ACP)

Whitening Kit
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You apply Philips Zoom Day White take-home whitening kit yourself, meaning you can get whiter teeth when and where you want.

To ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience, all our tooth whitening treatments start with a consultation with your dentist. They will prescribe the best whitening kit for your teeth, and answer any questions you may have. Then you’ll be fully armed with the knowledge to safely and effectively whiten your smile at home.

The healthy whitening treatment for sensitive, slightly stained teeth. With Philips Zoom DayWhite 6% Hydrogen Peroxide, your patients get the healthier, brighter smile they want with the sensitivity protection they need.

Wear time : 30-90 minutes daily. Optimum results within two weeks.

Indications :

    • Put a teardrop size of tooth whitening gel into each impression in your trays.
    • Gently place the trays over your teeth.
    • When the prescribed time for your formulation is up, take out your trays and give them a good clean with cold water.
    • Brush your teeth and enjoy a whiter smile.
    • Can be easily apply at home.
    • 30-90 minutes per day.
    • Perfect if you want to wear trays for as short a time as possible during the day.
    • Up to 6 shades.
    • Results in as little as 2 weeks.

     Philips Zoom Day White 6% travel pack consist of :-

    • 6x 2.4mL 6% Hydrogen Peroxide + ACP Whitening Gel Syringes

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