Glo Training Whitening Kit

Glo Training Whitening Kit

Chairside whitening kit
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Available exclusively to dental professionals for use only in professional dental clinics. To be used as directed and not exceeding four 8 minute applications

Products containing hydrogen peroxide are not recommended for use with pregnant or nursing women and children under age 18. It is not recommended for use when gingival tissue lesions are present. Patients should refrain from smoking and consuming foods or drinks that stain for at least 48 hours after a whitening treatment. Avoid contact of the gel with soft tissue and lips. Do not eat. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with water and consult a doctor. 

Each kit contains 1 GLO mouthpiece and case, 1 GLO control and lanyard, 1 GLO charging dock, 1 power adapter and USB cable, 2 whitening gel GLO Vials, 1 professional hydrogen peroxide whitening gel dual barrel syringe (2x2ml), 1 light-cured gingival barrier syringe (1.2g), 1 lip and cheek retractor, 1 Vitamin E Swab, 1 gingival barrier syringe tip, 1 whitening gel syringe mixing tip, 1 user manual

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