GC Tooth Mousse Assorted

GC Tooth Mousse Assorted

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Tooth Mousse, the first product for professional use to contain this complex of CPP-ACP (Recaldent™) is the ideal delivery system for bio-available calcium and phosphate ions.

Recaldent™ is derived from the milk protein, casein. For many years, it has been known that milk and its derivatives have a tooth protective effect.

Research has shown that this activity is due to a part of the casein protein called Casein Phosphopeptide (or CPP), which carries calcium and phosphate ions in the form of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (or ACP).


  • For desensitizing  
  • To provide extra protection for teeth of pregnant women and children under six    
  • Restores balance after tooth whitening procedures and reduces resulting sensitivity             


  • Does not irritate dry mouths caused by certain medications
  • Delivers RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) to restore mineral balance in the oral environment
  • Provides extra protection for teeth
  • Helps minimize tooth sensitivity before and after professional cleaning
  • Helps neutralize acid challenges from acidogenic bacteria in plaque and other internal and external acid sources
  • Tastes delicious and makes teeth feel smoother and cleaner         
  • Helps minimize tooth sensitivity after whitening procedures
  • Is not a toothpaste but a topical tooth crème that can be used safely several times daily
  • Relieves tooth sensitivity
  • Is helpful during orthodontics relative to helping control (or reduce) dentin hypersensitivity

10 x 40g tube # Assorted

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