[CLEARANCE SALE] Ultradent PermaFlo™  Syringe Refill - A3.5 Shade (2 x 1.2mL)

[CLEARANCE SALE] Ultradent PermaFlo™ Syringe Refill - A3.5 Shade (2 x 1.2mL)

Flowable Composite
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PermaFlo is a light-cured, radiopaque, methacrylate-based flowable composite available in eight shades. Its thixotropic properties impart ideal flowability for improved adaptation. PermaFlo is 68% filled by weight, with an average particle size of 0.7μm and a low film thickness.​

Eight Shades

  • PermaFlo flowable composite shades offer superior polishability, and afford excellent translucency for matching, blending, and depth of cure.

“The Donut Technique”

  • Use PermaFlo flowable composite for the “Donut Technique” to achieve extension of root when retention of clamp would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Highly Radiopaque

  • ​The flowable composite is highly radiopaque, so you’ll never have to wonder if what you’re seeing is dental material and not tooth structure or caries.

Gluten Free

  • PermaFlo flowable composite is gluten free, so it fits in with the lifestyles of patients from any background.

High-Fill, High-Flow Formula

  • PermaFlo flowable composite’s high fill and high flow give you the best of both worlds. It’s 68% filled for high strength. But it’s also highly flowable, making it ideal for metal masking, micro restorations, or as a super-adaptive initial layer beneath composite restorations.
  • Its all-out flow makes it easy to place during restorations, while its maximum fill ensures it stays extra strong.
  • High-fill, high-flow formula.
  • Highly radiopaque.
  • Fluoride-releasing formulation.
  • Eight shades.
  • Superior polishability.
  • Strong and wear resistant.

Ultradent PermaFlo™  Syringe Refill pack consist of :-

  • 2x 1.2mL PermaFlo™  Syringes
  • 4x Micro 20 GA Tips

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