[CLEARANCE SALE] 3M Filtek™ Z350XT Universal Restorative Syringe (4g)

[CLEARANCE SALE] 3M Filtek™ Z350XT Universal Restorative Syringe (4g)

Restorative Composite
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The top universal nanocomposite that's easy to use and offers esthetics and strength for all of your dental composite needs.

Most restorations are made with just one of eight Body shades. By using 3M™ Filtek™ Z350 XT Universal Restorative, it’s truly possible to create natural-looking restorations using a simple, single-shade technique.

Dentists say they love the way Filtek™ shades blend with surrounding dentition. Add to that the high gloss provided by 3M’s TRUE nanotechnology, and you’ll find it really easy to satisfy patient expectations.

Although Filtek™ Z350 XT restorative is available in 36 shades and opacities, the 8 Body shades will meet the majority of your needs for creating natural-looking, single-shade restorations.

Excellent wear resistance.

The lower the wear rate of a composite material, the better its wear resistance. In an in vitro 3-body wear test, Filtek Z350 XT restorative had the lowest wear rate of all leading composites tested.

Outstanding strength.

In a test comparing leading dental composites, the flexural strength of Filtek Z350 XT restorative proved better than that of EsthetX® HD, Herculite™ Ultra and Tetric EvoCeram®, and comparable to other composites tested. 

  • Exceptional esthetics.
  • Excellent adaptation.
  • Excellent polish retention.
  • Exceptional handling.
  • Outstanding strength for anterior and posterior.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Natural-looking fluorescence.
  • True nanotechnology.

3M Filtek Z350XT Universal Restorative pack consist of :-

  • 1x 4g 3M Filtek Z350XT Universal Restorative Syringe (A1B / A2B / A3.5B)

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