Aquapick Whitening ToothFoam (150mL)

Aquapick Whitening ToothFoam (150mL)

Tooth Foam
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Tooth Foam that is perfect for sensitive teeth that acts as toothpaste and mouthwash.

Instructions for Use :

1) Shake 2 - 3 times before use.

2) Spray the foam 1 - 2 times into your mouth.

3) Gargle with enough bubble for 30 seconds.

4) You can also use your toothbrush to brush your teeth.

Features & Benefits :

✔ Whitening Effect.

✔ Prevention of Halitosis.

✔ Dental Carries Prevention.

✔ Prevention of Gingivitis.

✔ Approved by Korea FDA.

Main ingredients :

✔ Fluorine - creates layer of fluorine to protect tooth surface from harmful bacteria.

✔ Allantoin - recovery and treatment of damaged tooth tissue.

✔ Xylitol - dental care and recovery of damaged tooth surface.

✔ Green Tea Extract - Catechin for prevention of tooth decay

✔ Sage Extract - disinfection and anti-bacterial effects of gum diseases and oral cavity.

✔ Chamomile Extract - removal and relief of infection.

✔ Grapefruit Seed Extract - prevention of halitosis and control of pathogenic fungi and yeast.

✔ Lemon Oil - glossy and whitening effect and prevention of tooth pigmentation.

✔ Hydroxyapatite - whitening effect and strengthening of tooth tissue.

Aquapick ToothFoam pack consist of :-

  • 1x 150mL Tooth Foam Bottle

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