Pulp Capping
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OdontoCEM is the first calcium silicate-based bio-compatible calcium cement to successfully incorporate a steroid.

OdontoCEM is recommended for use in either direct or indirect pulp capping.

OdontoCEM is very bio-compatible and has a unique chemistry in many ways.

  • The high pH, responsible for the antibacterial properties, is only transient so that the set product, over time, improves in bio-compatibility. 
  •  OdontoCEM sets in 3-5 minutes which for calcium silicate-based products, is relatively quick.
  • The steroid component in OdontoCEM is at a low percentage of 0.2%. This provides only temporary pain relief and will keep a tooth with irreversible pulpitis acquiesced for only a short period of time thus avoiding false positives.
  • It contains Calcium cements 99.8%, triamcinolone acetonide 0.2%, and ammonium salts 4.5%.
  • 1 bottle powder (8g)
  • 1 bottle liquid (10mL)

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