[PROMO] 3M Scotchbond™ Universal Etchant Syringe (2 x 3mL)

[PROMO] 3M Scotchbond™ Universal Etchant Syringe (2 x 3mL)

Universal Etchant
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One Adhesive for Self-Etch and Total-Etch.

Until now dentists have had to juggle adhesive systems, sorting through multiple bottles to select the right product for the indication and preferred technique. With 3M™ ESPE™ Scotchbond™ Universal Adhesive these problems are a thing of the past. This single syringe solution can be used in all techniques, is ideal for direct and indirect applications and can be used on all surfaces without any extra primer. With no comparable adhesive product on the market, the features of Scotchbond Universal brings a whole new class of adhesives to dentistry.

  • Low-viscosity, gel-like consistency.
  • Gel has a distinct blue color to assist in complete rinsing away of the etchant.
  • Flexible dispensing tip can be individually adjusted before application.
  • Improved, easy-to-place etchant.

3M Scotchbond™ Universal Etchant Syringe pack consist of :-

  • 2x 3mL Scotchbond™ Universal Etchant Syringes
  • 50x Etchant Tips

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